Porcelain Soldiers

My first poem ever intended to be performed. I hope you enjoy ❤

Porcelain Soldiers
By Laura Buitrago

Have you ever met someone with a hardened heart?
With a heart so hard, that when you get up close, and knock, just to check on vital signs,
Your knuckles start to bleed because it feels like you have been knocking on the bricks that make up the Wall of motherfking China.
But did you know, that you're not knocking on bricks?
No, you're not knocking on the Wall of China.
You are knocking on tiny little porcelain soldiers,
Tiny little shaking soldiers ready to fight back..
…the moment you knock a little too hard.
Because a hardened heart is nothing but a sign of cowardice.
Because it takes a hell of a lot of strength to have a tender heart after it has been confused with a baseball.
After it has been hit time, and time again by that one player determined to make it to the Big Leagues, using your heart as their favorite ball.
Because it takes a hell of a lot of courage to understand that the next person does not deserve an ounce less of your love,
And that sometimes, the heart breaks so that it can expand.
And you will make sure that the next person is not interested in making it to the Big Leagues, but in sharing Big Dreams with you instead, treating your heart like it actually beats.

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