Train of Thought

I see this picture of Vestfold in Norway. And my mind rushes to the photographer (Trond Topstad). And to where he was standing, this human being… this human being was standing on top of this surface, with the clouds beneath him as the tops of the boulders peeked through them. This is a human being, flesh and bones, that has visited this place, that has been in front of this surreal view. And then my mind rushes to all the other magnificent places we have on Earth. And how blessed I have been to have had so many of these moments at the age of 25.

And then all the little petty problems fade away. The little feelings of discomfort of things that really, are the size of an ant compared to the beauty this world, this life, holds. And then my mind rushes to how insanely easy it is to live life through a microscope, focusing and giving so much magnitude to the little pebble in your shoe. People live their entire lives focusing on this little pebble in the shoe. I am guilty of this at times. Sometimes, it is a good reminder to put away that microscope, step out of the pebble, and look at your shoes. Look at the ground they are standing on. Keep looking further back and step out of your body, and look at where your body is placed right now, in perspective to this earth. Think of the ground you are standing on, and how it could very much be the ground in Vestfold, Norway.

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