I love (some) poetry, so naturally I follow some poetry pages on Instagram…and when I “explore” other pages, it shocks me at the essence of what most people write about.

They speak of NEEDING someone. They speak of an indescribable pain when said person is not around, of the agony and physical/mental/spiritual disability that takes place without that person and how much they are NEEDED.

And it worries me. How does that sound pretty or romantic, to make your entire essence and well-being depend on someone else or their actions?

That NEED is not for that person, that NEED and vacancy, that emptiness… it roots to your lack of love for yourself, so naturally you seek it exteriorly.

What if those poems, instead of being directed to this person you “love” (is it even love? Attachment and obsession are not love)… You direct them to you instead? Because you NEED you… A life without your own presence within you IS agonizing, because you will be searching for that love in all the wrong places.

Reevaluate what the true root of the problem is, there is no one you NEED apart from yourself. The people you choose to add happiness to your life are there for that reason… Not to replace the one you can’t give yourself.

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